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Icom Accessory Breakout Board

Icom Accessory Breakout Board

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Full Accessory Connector breakout for these Icom radios:

IC703, IC706, IC706mkiig, IC718, IC746, IC756, IC756PRO, IC756PRO-II, IC756PRO-III, IC775, IC775DSP, IC7000, IC7100, IC7200, IC7300, IC7410, IC7600, IC7610, IC7700, IC7800, IC7850, IC7851, IC9700

And any other Icom radio with 7 & 8 pin DIN or 13 pin DIN accessory connectors.

  • Includes ALL published signals
  • Fully assembled PC board
  • Audio in & out are capacitively isolated
  • Provisions for audio transformers for full ground isolation
  • Audio output mute circuit for radios that don't include squelched audio
  • Provides Icom OPC-599 adapter functionality for 13 pin DIN radios

Requires male-to-male 13 pin DIN or 7 and 8 pin DIN cables depending on your radio model.  DIN cables are NOT included.
NOTE: Several 13 pin DIN cables on the market have pin 13 connected to the shield.  This will defeat the audio mute on squelch circuit.  All other functions are unaffected.
Cables listed as AT-180 data compatible cables have all 13 pins separate from the shield.

We are working to source DIN cables directly in the store.  Until then, cables can be ordered from a variety of ham radio and electronics suppliers.

An enclosure is NOT included.  STL files are provided to 3D print an enclosure, if desired.  The circuit board is sized to fit in an LP-70 box from  Standard polycase enclosures do not have pre-cut connector holes.

3D print files:   Box STL File           Box Cover STL File

User manual/circuit description:   User Manual




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