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MiniBar 15-16 Crowbar Circuit - Basic

MiniBar 15-16 Crowbar Circuit - Basic

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This is a crowbar circuit that is designed to trip at 15 or 16 volts.  The circuit is designed to work with typical power supplies operating at 13.8 volts, with vehicle charging systems, or with lithium battery systems while being charged by AC or solar charging systems.

The basic kit  includes the circuit board with the surface mount components pre-populated.  The circuit board contains the fully functional crowbar circuit, including output and fault LEDs.

You can add connectors and a fuse holder of your choosing.  you can also hardwire it and use an external fuse.  Instructions are provided for several connection options.

The plus and minus traces from input to output are complete planes.  The board can handle 15 amps continuous or 25 to 30 amps at a 50% duty cycle of 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off.  With the Basic circuit board, you can use the circuit just to blow a fuse or circuit breaker and run the main power external to the board.  You must install a jumper wire to select the 15 volt or 16 volt trip option.


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